Release notes v0.4.0


It was a long way, but the 0.4.0 version is finally finished. It took almost 9 months in order to close all issues in the milestone. The two most time-consuming issues were atmos rework and new serialization system. During the development internet stranges have started to show some interest in the project and have made various pull requests. Special thanks to shelltitan who almost single-handedly has made all new gameplay features.


Main technical changes

  1. Unit tests were introduced (~18% coverage for the final release build).
  2. SDL library was finally dropped.
  3. World serialization was greatly improved (~100 times faster than before).

Main gameplay changes

  1. Atmos has been reworked, so it is possible to create relatively big maps now. However, there are still plenty of options available for optimization.
  2. Basic guns & projectiles system.
  3. Basic interactions with items (pull, look, rotate).
  4. Basic medicine system.
  5. Tables.
  6. Big map.

Full changelog can be found here.


The v0.4.0 beta-test will be conducted and the results will determine the path of the further development. If network will work correctly then it will be considered to make the v0.5.0 milestone more gameplay oriented. However, it is important to continue improving the game engine because in long term it is more efficient. So the v0.5.0 milestone planning is a separate hard task, and it will be done later.