What is Griefly?
Griefly is a Space Station 13 remake. It is not a remake that will turn Space Station into a 3D shooter, MMORPG, etc. It is more like a remake of the engine - BYOND. The current main goal is to replicate Space Station 13 without lag.

The main problem of Space Station is that it is written in BYOND. This language is actually not that bad, but it is not fit for the Space Station requirements. It is really easy to create something with this language, but is incredibly slow. It is impossible to make fun, complicated, and non-laggy stuff like atmos or the singularity for Space Station 13. Space Station (or anything based on it) on BYOND will always be laggy.

The repository is located on Github. Pull requests are welcome.

The version 0.4.0 is released. The release notes can be found here. The open beta-test was held. It showed various issues, so after some introspection the v0.5.0 milestone will be considered.

Maybe you have found a mistake on this website? Feel free to create a pull request or an issue here.

Contact e-mail: lagius@grief.ly